Beeple, Everydays: The First 5000 Days. Sold for: $69.3 million

With all the buzz of Elon Musk’s $ 1.5 billion investment in bitcoin and the following $ 1 billion profits he recouped from the investments, the rise in value of bitcoin in a matter of days, when you think 2021 would not get any crazier in the digital world, you are hit with Twitter’s Jack Dorsey selling his first tweet for $ 2.9 million. Or with the news of the sell of Beeple’s digital artwork at the whooping price of $ 69 million!

Yes, you heard it right. A digital art, otherwise known as NFT. A digital product — in…

I recently looked at Jeremy Howard’s notebooks which cover an introduction to deep learning, fastai, and PyTorch. One of the notebooks contains a section that dealt with Image Classification using the Oxford-IIIT Pet Dataset that contains 7,349 images of cats and dogs from 37 different breeds.

Now, for quick experimentation, I built my datasets of sheep and goats, downloading 1000 images each. This is the code snippet for the sheep images:

from bing_image_downloader import'sheep', limit=1000,  output_dir='dataset/animals', adult_filter_off=True, force_replace=False, timeout=60)

Fastai is a deep learning library that provides practitioners with high-level components that can quickly and easily provide state-of-the-art…

Automating plant recognition using leaf classification

Kaggle competitions have the play side of it. Well, Albert Einstein said, ‘Creativity is intelligence having fun’. We begin the creativity of the mind in a state of ecstasy. ‘The essential thing is to be in a state of ecstasy,’ writes the fresco painter Louis Dussour, ‘yet trying all the while to understand the connections and the structure of things’.[1] This is applicable also to the creativity in building Data Science products. So much for the digression.

The objective of this playground competition is to use binary leaf images and extracted features — shape, margin, texture — to accurately identify…

Content-based vs Collaborative filtering

I was going through my datasets and came across one which was from a competition organized by Data Science Nigeria in 2018. It is about jokes and ratings given by viewers. We are to predict the ratings the viewers will give to new jokes based on their previous choices and habits.

The general solution to this problem is called Collaborative Filtering, which looks at what products the current user has rated, find other users that have rated similar products, and then recommend other products that those users have rated.

But in our case, which is Content-Based Filtering, instead of recommending…

DETR, Facebook

On May 2020, Facebook released a novel object detection AI, named DEtection TRansformer (DETR), which views object detection as a direct set problem. The goal of object detection is to predict a set of bounding boxes and category labels for each object of interest. Modern detectors address this set prediction problem indirectly by defining surrogate tasks — surrogate regression and classification problems on a large set of proposals. DETR bypasses this surrogate tasks by proposing a direct set prediction approach.

The main ingredients of the DETR model are a set-based global loss that forces unique predictions through bipartite matching and…

Nigeria eases coronavirus lockdown

With the gradual easing of the lockdown in most countries, we might take a look at how the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has affected the top ten countries in animated visualization, from the inception to the 9th of June 2020. This will help us better appreciate the effects of the virus. Visualization helps us to judge with heightened perception, to grasp the nature and value of these datasets which would remain bland and uninteresting without it. And hopefully, to increase our preventive measures towards the virus.

This dataset is gotten from Kaggle, the Data Science platform and we are considering the confirmed

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)

In 2019, a novel coronavirus — Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) — was discovered in China. The illness resulting from this virus is a new respiratory disease called coronavirus Disease 2019(COVID-19). It has been called a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

Below are the analyses of how the pandemic has affected nations globally as of March 30, 2020.

2019 Kaggle ML & DS Survey | Kaggle

Every year, since 2017, the Kaggle community sets out to conduct an industry-wide survey on the State of Data Science and Machine Learning. This is for the year 2019. The dataset was gathered from a pool of 19,717 usable respondents from 171 countries and territories, cleaned and prepared by the Kaggle community.

Here, we are exploring:

  • Who is working with data?
  • The best ways for new data scientists to break into the field.
  • What is happening with Machine Learning in different industries?


After preprocessing the datasets for the exploration, I went to explore the age, gender, country and education of…

A young man about to commit suicide. © istock.

I stumbled across a dataset in Kaggle concerning the suicide rates overview of countries from 1985 to 2016. An interesting dataset to play around with, especially with this tool for visualization — Plotly. Also, an intriguing one because you would want to get insights on why people wish to commit suicide, what are the triggers for suicide, which countries are more suicidal than the others, among which generations is it trendy. Does it come with the territory of the generational, economic, religious, or political?

Anyways, I downloaded the dataset. It is really a rich one — from the United Nations…

What is success? Is it financial, ideological or psychological? What determines success and how does it correlate to education? Success, simply, is the achievement of aim or purpose. If I decide to read a novel and summarize it in a week and am able to pull that off before the end of the week, that is success. If I decide to fly to America for an exhibition and am able hop into a plane and eventually attend that exhibition, that is success. Success is a broader idea, larger than many are willing to imagine, except if we wish to narrow…

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